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21SEP 2014

Release "Wanderbach" in English


This is the story of Tork, an adventurer who travels around the world with his two dogs. By coincidence, he finds the village Wanderbach, a strange place inhabited by Nymphs who convince him to descend to Under Earth, the place where the Gods are, for a quest to end the growing problems on this world. During this fantastic journey, Tork finds out the real cause of all the trouble. The Gods were fighting amongst each other. After a lot of trouble, Tork finally finds and addresses the Gods. In the end, it leads to the destruction of the pantheon.

16OCT 2013

Mixed Media Digital Art

mixed media digital art

Since October 2013 I bring a compact camera on my daily walks in the surroundings. These first snapshots I re-work, and finally edit them digitally in several Adobe programms like Photoshop, Illustrator and/or After Effects, until I reach the effect that I want. It is always a work of hours, sometimes days to get the high quality formats. These images I sell in high quality prints, and in a numbered edition, signed, numbered and dated by me, for as little as 125 Euros

27JUL 2010

Earlier Digital Art

earlier digital art

Already since the eighties I'm interested in digital art; worked with all kinds of computers and environments, but it is with the further development of technique that this art evolves into lively and impressing images, which are not only stand-alones, but become more and more moving targets with an own language and imaging construction


Recent comments

Jackie Velnoskey

Dear Joachim Wilbers: Let's make Wanderbach one of Amazon's Most Wished For in Books. Amazon reportedly now sells 50 percent of all printed books in America. Stop and think about that: half of all books! They now send messages to their millions of customers, recommending Amazon's Most Wished For in Books. I want Wanderbach to appear on that list. I count 2,000 titles on today's Most Wished For page, and I see no reason why your book shouldn't be one of them now that the holiday sales season is around the corner. I am going to ask Amazon to include your book!

Tina Shipe

Beste Joachim Wilbers: Bij de Ellen DeGeneres show zijn ze bereid om te kijken naar uw vertaalde boek, Wanderbach. U kent de Ellen televisie-show, alweer een tijdje te zien op RTL. In Amerika is het zo ongeveer de hottest talkshow momenteel. Onbekende mensen worden van de ene dag op de andere wereldberoemd. Ik heb met Ellens agent gebeld in Los Angeles, en kreeg zijn rechterhand Alisia aan de lijn. I would like Ellen's production team to consider some of our authors and their books for an appearance on the show, zei ik. May I deliver a presentation? Alisia: Yes! You can send that here to us! Ik heb Wanderbach gestuurd!

Sarah Freitas

Hello, Joachim: Wanderbach in a Norwegian newspaper! A large Norwegian newspaper reporter contacted me this afternoon. Serving readers around the city of Kristiansand, just south of Oslo. Her name is Mai and she interviewed one of our authors earlier today! Now she wants to know more! I mentioned Wanderbach to her, and urge her to also take a look at your story! The benefit of being mentioned in a foreign newspaper is manifold, but especially there's this: your book and your name suddenly get a much higher Google ranking because newspapers, with their high reader traffic, tend to lift the visibility of someone's name dramatically. Add the distinction of having been featured, or interviewed, by a newspaper from a country as cool and unique as Norway, loved and admired by just about anyone in the world.