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About Joachim

I was born in the village Tegelen, in the province Limburg, which is in the south of the Netherlands. And I was born almost on the bank of the river Meuse.

Tegelen was a specific village; agriculture was nearly disappeared, in favor of a rich industry around the clay that was mined in the hills. This clay attracted artists like Karel Appel, who came to the village to be skilled in pottery. There was also a rich cultural life, especially in theater and music; the famous Passion play was still performed every four years when I was a kid. All of this, the river, the woods, the artists living in the neighborhood, formed me, and I already new in a very early stage what I wanted to become: It was the freedom of artistical life that attracted me.


Brief Artist History

1980 was an important year. Not only did I get my first solo exhibition, I also found two galleries who wanted to represent me and my work; one in Nijmegen, and one in the Hague. Rank Xerox asked me to experiment with their new invention: the RX5600 color copier, and so I became the first copier-artist In Europe. But more important: it triggered my interest in digital art.

In 1986 I moved to Amsterdam, and it was in this period that my first stories were published. In the Dutch capital I found a lot of possibilities to explore other skills, like: organizing, and managing cultural events. My focus as an artist moved on towards the backside of culture, and I participated in boards, commitees, and as a director of exhibitions, for example. I still held my own shows, and I re-decorated my studio appartment as a work of art.

After I moved to Antwerp (Belgium) late 1996, I went back into the classroom to study the new medium: internet, however I was involved already before, mainly in testing the network on its possibilities. It was a 6 months daily course practising development and design that moved my focus again, and this time towards web applications of all kinds, but often cultural or artistical defined.

The collapse of the internet bubble forced me to look elsewhere, and since Spain had an economical anual growth of 5%, it seemed obvious where to go, until the financial crisis brought me back to the Netherlands in June 2011, where I now live in Maastricht, the capital of the most southern province: Limburg.

Over the years my work was shown in countless exhibitions in almost all parts of the world, and it is bought by collectors; private, in museums, as well as by companies and industries from as far as Japan, over Russia to the US, and from Brasil over South Africa, and large parts of Europe.

Some links where to find my work

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Recent comments

Kerrin Wuchter / America Star Books

Hot from the Frankfurt Book Fair: I have just been talking to one of Spain's leading literary agencies in Barcelona. I spoke to the head of foreign rights, Carles, and to literary agent Lola. They want to see Wanderbach! Typically, once a book is translated in Spain it will also be marketed to the entire Spanish-language world, including Central and South America. The floors in Frankfurt are abuzz today about the big deals that have been made here this week, with six-figure and even seven-figure dollar contracts. It's in that atmosphere that I met with Carles and Lola. I presented some titles to them, they were enthusiastic, and now they want to see more!

Kerrin Wuchter / America Star Books

Hello Joachim: I just learned that Disney will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair next week. Does Disney know about Wanderbach? May I tell the folks at Disney about the book next week? This is the Frankfurt Book Fair, mind you, the world's largest event for books and authors. It's where everyone is scouting new talent. It's my job to present new talent!

Jackie Velnoskey

The New York Review of Books will get to see Wanderbach! They have invited me to submit the book to them. Joachim, here's what happened: The New York Review of Books sent us something in the mail. I called them back immediately, and spoke with Tim, in the editor's office. Tim, I said, how shall we get this done? I want you to consider reviewing some of our books. He then gave me my instructions, and said, "We will take a look at it!" The New York Review of Books is one of the book industry's true venerable institutions, with a history that goes back more than half a century, and a grand reputation to match it. It is many authors' dream to be reviewed here, among all the great names in literature.