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Joachim, artist, writer, and internet developer, works and lives in Maastricht, the most southern town in the Netherlands. You can reach me by sending an email to, or by filling out the form below

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Recent comments

Kerrin Wuchter / America Star Books

Hello Joachim: I just learned that Disney will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair next week. Does Disney know about Wanderbach? May I tell the folks at Disney about the book next week? This is the Frankfurt Book Fair, mind you, the world's largest event for books and authors. It's where everyone is scouting new talent. It's my job to present new talent!

Jackie Velnoskey

The New York Review of Books will get to see Wanderbach! They have invited me to submit the book to them. Joachim, here's what happened: The New York Review of Books sent us something in the mail. I called them back immediately, and spoke with Tim, in the editor's office. Tim, I said, how shall we get this done? I want you to consider reviewing some of our books. He then gave me my instructions, and said, "We will take a look at it!" The New York Review of Books is one of the book industry's true venerable institutions, with a history that goes back more than half a century, and a grand reputation to match it. It is many authors' dream to be reviewed here, among all the great names in literature.

America Star Books, Ryan, book design department

Congratulations, your book has been translated into English and is ready for publication in America. It is going to the printer today. You should now see it appear on soon because that's where new releases typically appear first. The book will now also become available to all bookstores in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain.